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Matt Parmaks

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Matt joined Sony as a sales representative and played an important role in the development of Sony’s retail division at increasingly more responsible managerial positions.

As the National Sales Manager for Sony’s retail division, he was instrumental in expanding the company stores from a handful to over 100 units, while posting sales increases of 30% in 2 consecutive years.

After leaving Sony, he worked in Information Technology System Integration companies such as The Praxium Group, Bell and Generation5, specializing in retail infrastructure systems as Regional Manager and Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

After a considerable stint in the Retail Business Intelligence area, he joined DMSRetail Inc. as Senior Consultant and EVP.

During his sales and sales management career, Matt has generated more than $750 Million in revenue and has been responsible for sales organizations as large as 1000 salespeople.

Matt is a great storyteller and, with years of retail and related experience, he provides his audience with a wealth of real-life examples on the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of best practices in just about every area of retail.

Matt has extensive knowledge about the retail industry, gained through formal education, work experience and a keen interest in business and world affairs.

He is the author of numerous books and articles in Retail Performance and Managerial Productivity.

Matt received Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Engineering from the University of Birmingham in the UK.

Dianne is our Customer Service and Store Operations Specialist with 20 years of experience in retail operations in various positions from the store and regional management to operations management at the National level.

She has worked with various prominent North American retail chains within the apparel, electronics, and food specialities and now holds the position of Senior Consultant & VP of Operations for DMSRetail Inc.

Although her focus is on customer service and store operations management, during the early years of her career, Dianne managed various retail Head Office support departments which gave her invaluable exposure to the workings of the all-important communication links between the field and Head Office Operations.

During her retail career, she has produced $350 Million in revenue and, with an exceptional ability to develop her people, she has received numerous performance awards - from sales and other KPI’s to Loss Prevention and effective store operations - for elevating her teams to the forefront of the other districts/regions in those companies.

Dianne has in-depth knowledge and understanding of the influence and effect of company culture on the field organization and the customer.

She is an avid customer service fanatic and has contributed to the field through a number of articles and books.

She is certified by Babson College’s retail department – Strategic Planning & Management in Retailing.

Dianne Miethner

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