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Asia’s first coaching & consultancy firm focused on retail management



Why Choose Our Business Health Check

We specialize in retail – and we’re here to help your business become successful.

Welcome to RetailCOACH, an executive coaching and consultancy agency with years of experience based in retail. We utilize this experience and also bring our own insight and innovation to help retailers and retail businesses take their business to the next level: with enhanced processes, a higher level of customer satisfaction, increased business sales, and more success than ever!

About Us


Certified Professional Business Coach

RetailCOACH is led by the experience and remarkable leadership of Jason Teh, a professional ICF trained coach. A work-oriented and hardworking individual, Jason started his career early, becoming a promoter in his adolescence. His excellent work got him promoted to a supervisor, then a leader, and then a manager, in charge of both sales and retail operations for an international organization. Continuing his work, he established more than 18 years of experience and achieved the success of creating the fastest-growing retail outlet which won several awards. In 2008, when Jason was offered the opportunity to become a retail management consultant, he became passionate about this direction in this field of work. Two years later, he established RetailCOACH, striving to continue this practice and offer reliable retail management coaching.



To offer comprehensive retail consultancy and coaching services integrated with professional, interactive, and effective approaches that help retail businesses overcome challenges and increase business success.


To become a reputable and favoured company in Asia, recognised for its exceptional sales and executive coaching and its commitment to improving the trade and business of its clients.


When Jason Teh founded RetailCOACH, he based its foundations on a set of values that contribute to the company’s remarkable standards. These values include:

  • Professionalism: At RetailCOACH, we are professionals at what we do, a fact our vast experience and knowledge testifies. We have the resources needed to become one of the most talented executive coaching agencies in Asia. When you work with us, you can expect complete professionalism from us.

  • Dynamism: RetailCOACH is a dynamic agency, one that dedicates itself to the needs of its clients in such a way that we are either aligned with your needs or ahead of them. We accomplish this by always staying up to date with the latest retail trends, using the most reliable resources, and developing and implementing the most efficient managerial models.

  • Striving for Excellence: To bring success to our clients, we strive for excellence and never anything less than that. We understand that when you come to RetailCOACH, you require solutions that can take your retail business to the next level – and that is exactly what we endeavour to offer. 

  • Commitment: Last but not the least, we are a committed team. Our enthusiasm and positive way of working proves our commitment and we never stop until our clients have achieved their desired results.

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