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Learn the No 1 Business Formula To Grow Your Business Profitably
Get Started with A Comprehensive Business Health Check

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Turn Around Your Business in just 20 minutes with the
#1 Business Formula

With only 20 minutes, our FREE Business Health Check Tool can turn around your business by turning problems into profits that runs on autopilot,
giving you the freedom to pursue your dreams and goals.

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As a Business Owner,
Do you face these pain points?


If you can relate to all of these issues,
Business Health Check Tool
can help you solve these issues and provide you with the master formula to improve your business profit.

Talk to our experts to find out how you can improve and turn around your business today.


Why Using The Business Health Check Tool Is Beneficial For Your Business?

From our decades of experience in business coaching, we found that most business issues arise due to business owners failing to determine where and how exactly business can be managed.

Identifying key areas is the critical success factor for any thriving business.


Do You Know the Next Steps To Boost Your Business Further?

No? Well, the health check is designed to help you and let you know the things that you should be focusing on most.

The fact that you are reading this means that you are curious to find helpful information for your business. The business health check will supply you with exactly that.

How Can The Business Health Check Tool Improve Your Business?

In just 20 minutes, our business health check tool provides extensive insights on how well your business is doing and highlights the areas that are doing well and the areas that are doing not so well.


Improve Your Business Exponentially By Taking Charge To Improve Your Business Processes Today!

Start by assessing your business processes via
Business Health Check Tools in these ten areas :

✅ Service
✅ Sales
✅ Marketing
✅ Team (Employees)
✅ Budget, Finance
      & Cashflow
✅  Productivity
✅ Profitability
✅ Leadership &
✅ Strategy Plan
✅ Balance


Hi, I’m Jason Teh.
I Help Businesses
Sales, Boost
Their Profits and

Turn Your Business Into A Million-Dollar Business in just 20 Minutes

FREE Business Health Check
Report (worth USD650)

Limited to 20 people only!


Why clients choose us as their preferred
No.1 Business Health Check Tool

Certified Professional Business Coach

Turn around your business now!




HYPERGEAR Grew Its Revenue By 45% in 6 months using our Business Health Check Tool.


Most of us would recognize HYPERGEAR – one of the most beloved waterproof bags in Malaysia.

Like many other businesses, HYPERGEAR faced a challenge where most traditional retail businesses are going through.

“The program has triggered our traditional retail business to evolve to meet the latest business trends and standards, and to face the challenges of this digital era.” 

Jack Lee,

Managing Director of Hypergear


From being a traditional security printing company, Packtica has now transformed into one of the best variable data printing solutions providers across emerging S.E.A countries. One of the keys to Packtica’s success today is being able to feed on creative ideas and solutions to assist clients, through innovative use of data. As data is crucially important, Packtica started utilizing Retail Coach’s business health check tool and consulted with Jason Teh, the founder of Retail Coach to assist in their business growth.


"We choose to transform and enhance our products and services because we play an important part in assisting our clients to strengthen their businesses through digitalisation. And with digitalisation, their business life cycles can be improved and prolonged."

Mr Bryant Kooh,

Managing Director of Packtica Sdn Bhd



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